Dr Robert Geertman, Janssen, Beerse

Rob Geertman graduated as a chemist from the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in 1989 and obtained his PhD with professor Bennema in 1993 at the same institution. Topic of the PhD was the crystallization of simple organic molecules (cyclohexane, caprolactam), the crystal morphology and purification.

In 1993 Rob transferred to a post-doc position at the Delft Technical University, studying the crystallization of explosives and rocket fuels, the crystallization of sodium chloride and soda using partially miscible solvent systems and the influence of physical anti-scaling devices on the crystallization of calcite and aragonite. In 1996, he transferred to Akzo Nobel Central Research where he was working on the crystallization of organic peroxides, anti-caking additives for salt, making salt nanoparticles, and hydrodynamic modelling of crystallization processes. In addition, he was responsible for all molecular modelling activities.

In 2003 he transferred to Organon (at that time the pharmaceutical part of Akzo Nobel) where he headed the crystallization group, responsible for polymorph screening, setting up and troubleshooting crystallization processes. One of the major projects was the design and commissioning of a new plant dedicated to milling and sieving solids.

In 2011 he joined DSM, heading the particle technology area, working on the crystallization of vitamins, artificial sweeteners (Stevia) and the crystallization of ammonium sulfate. One of the major projects was the conceptual design of a 1 Mta capacity ammonium sulfate plant.

In 2016 he joined Janssen Pharmaceutica where he is responsible for the crystallization process development of the small molecule early development portfolio.

Research Expertise

Solid state, Crystallization process development, Process Engineering, Plant design