René Holm received his pharmaceutical training at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, now the school of pharmacy at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1998 and his PhD in biopharmaceutics from the same institution in 2002. Dr. Holm joined Lundbeck in 2001 and changed to Janssen in 2016. Dr. Holm has worked within pharmaceutical development, formulations for non-clinical testing in drug discovery, physical chemistry and material science covering both small and large molecules and is now responsible for the functional unit ensuring development of all non-solid formulations for Janssens small molecule value stream.


Dr. Holm is (co-) author of more than 185 original articles in peer-reviewed journals and patents in the field of biopharmaceutics, preformulation, formulation and physical pharmacy and is a honorary professor in physical chemistry at the Department of Science and Environment, University of Roskilde, Denmark.


Research Expertise

Physical pharmacy, Drug formulation, ADME