Dr Alain Collas, Janssen and Guest Lecturer of Applied Physical Chemistry Principles, University of Antwerp

Dr Alain Collas graduated as a chemist from the University of Antwerp in 2006 and obtained his PhD in physical organic chemistry from the same institution in 2011. Dr Collas investigated structure-property relationships of tailor-made organic semiconductors for nonlinear optical applications by applying QM molecular design, organic syntheses, and X-ray crystallography prior to joining Janssen in 2012. Within Janssen, Dr Collas has worked on the design and development of chemical technologies such as continuous crystallization reactors, and crystallization process design and optimization for the delivery of desired solid forms by extensive usage of process analytical technology. Besides crystallization process development and scale-up with a purification or cost optimization objective, tailoring material attributes for improved (continuous) manufacturability and/or bioavailability i.e. crystal engineering, has been a major area of interest. Currently, Dr Collas is responsible for crystallization process development of the small molecule late development portfolio of Janssen within API chemical development with a strong emphasis on new technology introduction and innovation.

Dr. Collas is guest lecturer in the Chemistry Dept. at the University of Antwerp teaching applied physical chemistry principles in the introductory course: crystallization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Research Expertise

Crystallization process development, physical organic chemistry and material science areas